This is for you, Mister J.

civilised-my-syphilised-yarbles: Would you rather live in Metropolis or Gotham City?

Gotham of course! ❤️



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  • Literally
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vexa-vexa: Do you know of any Ivy blogs I should check out? Thanks!

No, I’m sorry! ): if there’s any Ivy blog reading, please like this post!

Anonymous: I hate New 52 Harley Quinn, she looks so gross

Yeah man so do I! I miss her old outfit so much! );

Anonymous: How do you feel about harley quinn having kids? Do you think she wants them?

I think she’d love to give birth to a Joker’s child! But the same can not be said about him, in my opinion he doesn’t want children at all, he wants to be unique

ha-ha-ha-harlequin-jester: ((Hey there! I love your blog, it's just really awesome! I hope you get to update more! By the way, where did you get your tumblr theme?))

Thaaaank you! I promise that I’ll uptade this blog at least once a week! Concerning my theme, the credits are in my ‘about’, just check it out

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